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Looking for a web file manager with good usability? Your search is over.

The newest version is v0.3

v0.4 release postponded

Click here to view an live demo

Liubaobao File Manager is an opensource tool that you could use to manage your server files through a web browser, quick AJAX request and responses, with thumbnail capabilities, FCKeditor support, text file edit, code edit, zip compression functionalities etc.

Please feel free to download and use it, if you have any interest in contacting the development team, please send email to and express your interest.

List of functionalities

  • Copy/move directories/files
  • Create/Delete/Rename files/directories
  • Upload files, multiple uploads
  • Download files (automatically zip selected files and folders for download)
  • Compress/extract zip files
  • Edit text file
  • Edit code files
  • Multi-language support


  • Multi-select
  • Multi-upload
  • Multi-view (table/thumbnail)
  • Right click menu
  • Image thumbnail
  • Previous directory/next directory navigation

V0.4 Release Wishlist:

  • Complete translation Chinese, English, and better documentation for adding a new language
  • Directory Tree
  • Better usability - double click openning file
  • FCKEditor example

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