First Impression

Nov 6, 2012 at 6:26 PM

I really like what you have done. Couple things standout though.

First the language needs to be consistent. It seems that the English version still shows a lot of Chinese. Not a big issue but something to workout.

The settings in the config should be better defined, maybe am just missing something but it seemed kind maze like to figure out where the root directory actually was pointing in the source version.

This is the biggest one for me: I expected double click on the folders to drill into the folders. This would make it intuitive and should be added. Is there a design reason that you did not do this ?

I have an immediate need for this to help solve some of my off shore users needs. Giving them the ability to compress groups of files and extract files after they are landed is a big deal when you are dealing with low bandwidth.

I will definitely be giving you feedback and if I adjust anything I will be sure to get it to you in case you want to incorporate it into you main code set.


Great work overall. Really you have done something worthy.


Nov 7, 2012 at 8:16 AM

Hi there, first, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Yes I agree with you on the "double click to open folder" part, it was conflict with some of other interaction events, however, we are planning on working that bit, and release on the v0.4 version.

Also, the language bit, we did some quick translation from Simply Chinese in order to publish this project to English speaking community, appearantly not 100% done. We are planning to have this fixed by v0.4.

The configuration, it uses "~/Folder Name" to point to the location on website server, I believe that was quite straight forward, however, it will be nice if we come up with some UI to configure it. This part is planned to be released in the future. We do have some documentation you can view to solve the configuration maze, click here.

I hope my reply answers all your questions, if you have further interest in this project, please feel free to post a thread on this discussion forum.


Nov 7, 2012 at 4:20 PM

I have gone through the JS and found all the Chinese that is showing in the dialogs where English would have been expected. I used Google translate to convert it. In only a few place did the translation not make 100% good sense in the way it would display. Most notable where the Chinese version of "move" as in "move a file" translated to mobile without the context.  Other than that it was pretty spot on.

I will definitely be looking for new releases as I am planning on using your system in a project I am working on now. I will be sure to give you feed back as I get into it more in the coming couple weeks.


thanks again.