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1. Where do you put the file explorer files?

You could upload the file explorer files to a location of your choice, all you need to do is to config in the root Web.config file, by adding an AppSetting node to define the path of your file explorer.

<add key="FileExplorerPath" value="~/FileExplorer"/>

2. The folder that file manager to consider the "root" folder

Liubaobao File Manager uses a xml for configuration, it is located in "FileExplorer/Config/config.xml"
The following properties can be configured:

  • Root Directory
  • Temp Directory (used for storing temporay zip files, cached files, etc)
  • Thumb Directory (used for storing thumbnails for images)
  • Protected Paths (paths that certain role of user can access)
  • Editable Paths (paths that needed to made editable in order for the program to work)
  • Available languages, default languages, programe version, etc.

3. Languages

  • A list of available languages are recorded the the config.xml
  • You may configure the default language in config.xml
  • Server side langauge files is located in "FileExplorer/Langauges", they are simple txt files, using the language code as file name
  • Also, javascript language files is located in "Scripts/hu8-fileexplorer/languages/", again, it uses the language code as file name


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